Thursday, January 16, 2014

Project D.I.Y December 2013 Baroque N' Roll Collection

Happy 2014 Everyone! Over the Christmas holiday my boyfriend surprised me with a subscription to a new monthly subscription box. It's called Project D.I.Y. The box recently launched in October 2013 and I am receiving two boxes thanks to my awesome boyfriend.

I added information about Project D.I.Y. to my subscription box post. Click here.

The Baroque n' Roll Collection includes trims and embellishments to make three festive and luxurious accessory pieces including the Lace and Gem Turban, Baroque Hand Adornment, and Belle of the Ball Earrings. 
Project #1 Lace and Gem Turban
Turn these:
 Into this:
I haven't had the time to make this project yet. The instructions say the difficulty level is "easy" however I beg to differ. The instructions alone for how to assemble this are already confusing me. However I am still excited to make this turban. I am hoping I can pull this look off.
Project #2 Baroque Hand Adornment
Turn these:

Into this:

This is the project that I am most excited about completing. It is the hardest item to assemble from the collection and also the most time consuming. I am planning on leaving this project for a "rainy day."
Project #3 Belle of the Ball Earrings
Turn these:
Into this:
These earrings are the only project from the collection that I have actually completed thus far. They were easy to assemble and I felt like such a "DIYer" when I was done making them. The difficulty level on this project was also marked "easy" which I completely agree with.
Overall I am loving this collection and the Project DIY subscription so far. I can't wait to see what the January 2014 collection has in store for me.

If you are interested in signing up for Project D.I.Y. click on the link:

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