Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Japonesque Ibiza Nights Face Palette

What it is:
A face and eye shadow palette that will help you create glowing sun-kissed looks all year round. 

Top Row Eye Shades (left to right):
  • Pearl (vanilla shimmer)
  • Sun Kissed (copper shimmer)
  • Bronze Beauty (bronze shimmer)
  • Exotic Nights (espresso shimmer)
Bottom Row Cheek Shades (left to right):
  • White Sand (bronzer)
  • Paradise (coral blush)
  • Endless Summer (golden highlighter)


Verdict: The Japonesque Ibiza Nights palette contains a mix of golden and copper shades which will remind you of warm shimmery sand. This palette is great for creating a glowy  day look or a summer-nights glam look. The colors in this palette are super wearable and very pigmented while the eye shadows  are soft and buttery. Unfortunately there are no matte or transitional shades included in the color lineup but its a great grab and go palette. 

* If you would like to pick up the Japonesque Ibiza Nights Face Palette it is currently available for $34 online via Amazon. Click the link for more details: Japonesque, Amazon