Friday, August 11, 2017

Winky Lux Macaroon Palette

What it is:
An eyeshadow palette that features five deliciously pastel shades to help you create a dreamy natural eye look.

Colors in the Palette:

  • Almond Cream (soft beige)
  • Raspberry (mauvey pink)
  • Pistachio (light mint green)
  • Strawberry (pastel pink)
  • Tiramisu (light brownish burgundy)


Verdict: This is round 2 of my Winky Lux palette reviews. I wasn't the biggest fan of the Bellini palette and unfortunately the Macaroon palette fell short as well. The plus side of this palette was that the outer package did have shade names on it but once again nothing on the inside. The shades in this palette didn't seem too wearable to me. In stock photos this palette leans more towards a mauve/purple color story however in actuality the shades all run very pastel. The formula on these colors was better than the Bellini palette since there was minimal fallout. 

* If you would like to pick up your own Winky Lux Macaroon Palette it retails for $30.oo at Nordstrom and Belks. Click the links for more details: Nordstrom, Belk 

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