Saturday, April 1, 2017

Laura Geller Island Escape Eyeshadow Palette

What it is:
A tropical hued eye shadow palette containing a dozen dreamy Baked Color Intense Eye Shadow shades. 

Colors in the Palette:

  • Au Naturel (vanilla shimmer)
  • Daybreak (glistening sunny yellow)
  • Passion Fruit Pink (warm pink shimmer)
  • Hot Tropics (glimmering red rose)
  • Island Haze (matte pinky beige)
  • Wild Hibiscus (warm hot pink shimmer)
  • Paradise Purple (matte orchid)
  • Deep Iris (midnight plum shimmer)
  • Pebble Beach (matte grayed brown)
  • Black Sands (rich black)
  • Deep Waters (deep glimmering lapis)
  • Jungle Green (frosty mint)

Colors from L-R: Au Naturel, Daybreak, Passion Fruit Pink, Hot Tropics
Colors from L-R: Island Haze, Wild Hibiscus, Paradise Purple, Deep Iris
Colors from L-R: Pebble Beach, Black Sands, Deep Waters, Jungle Green

Verdict: I wanted to love this palette so much because the colors just screamed springtime to me but I was very disappointed. The palette looks beautiful and the colors are a nice change from the everyday neutral palette however the formulation on these eye shadows was just awful. The mattes in the palette where very chalky and looked muddy. They lacked a lot of pigmentation and just did not blend well. The shimmers, on the other hand, lacked consistency. A few of the colors were very pigmented while others required multiple layers to build up the color intensity. This palette was definitely a miss for me but I plan on keeping my eyes open for a new colorful springtime palette to add to my collection. 

If you would like to pick up your own Laura Geller Island Escape Eyeshadow Palette it is available for $42.00 at ULTA. Click the link for more details: ULTA

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