Saturday, March 11, 2017

MAC Cosmetics is Heading to ULTA

Looks like ULTA is adding another well known brand to its every expanding selection. MAC cosmetics will be available on in May and then will be available in about 25 stores come June. By the end of the year, MAC is expected to be in more than 100 ULTA stores.

MAC currently stocks around 1,200 different products in their department store locations and about 1,500 different products in their own branded stores however because of kiosk sizing the company will be limited to only 600 products at ULTA. The current product offerings will consist of different MAC foundations and lip products. The ULTA curation represents about 45% of MAC’s product universe and the individual items were picked based on their "must-have" status.

ULTA's CMO, David Kimball, stated that this new collaboration will be a win-win for all. “We know there are people who are curious about MAC and might have wanted to try it, but haven’t done so yet. We think we are going to get new customers from MAC and new customers through the door. That just drives traffic for all the brands. ”

Who is excited for this new brand launch?


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