Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Darby Smart May 2014 Box "Candy Lollipops"

This is my 3rd month with Darby Smart and although the first box I received in April has been my favorite I still can't wait to see what surprise DIY project I will be receiving each month. This month's DIY is "How to make Candy Lollipops?"

I am actually not a newbie when it comes to creating designs out of chocolate. I have been playing around with chocolate since I was in middle school and even started a candy business when I was in the eight grade. A few years ago I made a chocolate piano, as gift for my boyfriend, and a few months back I posted a blog post on how to make peanut butter truffles. Anyway I do love the concept and kitschy molds that came in this months Darby Smart and I can't wait to use them. They would make cute photo props at a party or even a wedding.

The supplies included in this month's box were:
  • a lips candy mold
  • a mustache candy mold
  • white candy melts
  • Wilton candy coloring set
  • lollipop sticks 

These candy lollipops were super easy to make.

1) Place your candy melts into a microwave safe bowl and heat them in the microwave in 30 second increments until the candy is melted. For the amount of candy melts I was using it took about 1.5 minutes.
2) Once your candy is melted stir in the candy coloring, until you achieve your desired color. (I did pink which only needed a few drops of coloring)

3) Next, place your lollipop sticks into your mold and spoon your melted chocolate mixture into the molds. (I try to have the lollipop sticks take up half of the mold)
4) Finally tap the mold on a hard service a few times to get rid of any air bubbles that may have formed. Then place your molds into the refrigerator or freezer to harden.
5) Once your candies have chilled and set, pop them out of the mold and enjoy!

If you want to browse the Darby Smart website or learn more about their monthly DIY box click here: Darby Smart
Promo Code: "HOWDYDARBY" will take $10 off your first box, making it only $9 shipped.

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