Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Project D.I.Y March 2014 Modern Heirlooms Collection

I'm sad to say that this is the last monthly collection being released from Project D.I.Y. The pictures of the projects were released this past weekend. For their last collection Project D.I.Y. was inspired by the idea that fashion history always repeats itself. Vintage styles from the past tend to reemerge again and again and fuse with contemporary styles to create new fashionable treasures.

"Our Modern Heirlooms collection includes trims and embellishments to make a series of vintage-inspired pieces including our Rose Blossom Hair Comb, Golden Arrow Hair Comb, and Timeless Wrap Watch."

This collection features a series of reimagined heirlooms for the modern age, using sophisticated and classic elements such as mother of pearl, leather and floral trims. You’ll be mixing metals and textures, and embellishing with stunning new shapes, creating your very own vintage-inspired statement pieces.

Project #1: Rose Blossom Hair Comb
Turn this:

Into this:
Project #2: Golden Arrow Hair Comb
Turn this:
Into This:
Project #3: Timeless Wrap Watch
Turn this:
 Into This:
It's official, this was the last box from the Project D.I.Y. subscription.
If you are interested in purchasing projects from the past DIY boxes you can order them here: http://www.mjtrim.com/project-diy.html
If you would like to know what is going on with Project DIY click here: http://mjprojectdiy.com/faq/

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