Thursday, March 13, 2014

BITE BEAUTY: Luminous Crème Lipstick Duo in Vivid

I stopped by Sephora today after school just to look around and spotted this cute Bite lipstick duo by the cash register. I had been looking at this product online for some time now but never pulled the trigger to purchase until today.

What it is:
  • a bite-sized lipstick duo from Bite Beauty
  • retails for $12
  • comes in two shades (neutral or vivid)
  • each lipstick is 0.05 oz.  x 2
I purchased the duo in VIVID which includes the colors Palomino (a vibrant magenta) and Violet (a vibrant purple).

Here are some personal swatches I made of the lipstick colors:

Left With Flash / Right Without Flash
Left With Flash / Right Without Flash
Top: Palomino
Bottom: Violet
Top: Violet
Bottom: Palomino

Both lipsticks had great color payoff. They were opaque in one swipe, long-lasting, and mositruzing. The downside of this duo is that it was smaller then I had expected from looking at it online. Also both colors are gorgeous for spring however they are pretty similar. Overall I am happy with this purchase. It's a great buy if you are new to the Bite brand and want to try one of their products without spending a whole lot money.

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