Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 2013 Julep Golden Mystery Box

I just received my Julep Golden Mystery Box. This box was only available in the August Secret Store. The box was on sale for $29.99 which is higher then most Julep mystery boxes however it was suppose to have a retail value between $100 - $200. When I purchased the box there was a promo code floating around so my box ended up costing me $20.99.

I received Version 2 of the mystery box. From what I could tell this was the box that most people had received.

 Below are a list of the items I received:

- Julep January (Tomato red crème)
  Retail $14
- Julep Fina (Sky blue silvery metallic)
  Retail $14
- Julep Alfre (Royal metropolitan purple metallic)
  Retail $14
- Julep Coco (Oxblood crème)
  Retail $14
- Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment
  Retail $18
- Julep Everyday SPF 30 Hand Crème
  Retail $28
- Belina Hair Ties
- Salt Water Taffy (3 pieces)

Total Retail Value: $102

*In my opnion Julep could have done a better job picking out the products for this mystery box. I was not too impressed with it since some of the items sell for less then the maven discounted price. A few items in the box are basically on clearance on Julep's website.

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